Pick n' Roll and Other Lingo

friends playing basketball
Have you ever had a best friend that you were so synchronized with that the two of you began using terms that only the two of you understood? You tell her sadly that you met your boyfriend and everyone else looks confused, but she knows that by “boyfriend” you actually mean you saw an attractive boy that you wish was your boyfriend that you'll likely never see. Basketball is similar. It's been along long enough that fans know the terms and phrases that describe the moves and plays that their favorite player did. Learning the lingo will go a long way in helping you appreciate the sport.

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Becoming a Team Player

a basketball court
No one likes the person in the back sulking and waiting for the game to end. Instead make an effort to learn why so many people are drawn to basketball. If you were watching your favorite show and a friend wanted to genuinely know what it was about, wouldn't you stop to explain it so you could watch together? Similarly many people don't mind explaining the rules to their friends so that they can cheer together. Consider the positive culture and friendships that develop while watching your team succeed and let yourself become a team player.